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Web Services Tool Downloads

OsmoticWeb provides the following tools, extensions and libraries for the Web Services developer community.

2Way HTTP Compression Servlet Filter

HTTP compression can drastically reduce download time. Most Web servers and Web containers have built-in support for HTTP compression. If not, servlet filters can be used. Most of the solutions only compress the HTTP response which is fine for Web browsing where the request consists of just a few bytes. The situation is different if HTTP is used to transport SOAP messages because the average SOAP request message is the same size as the average SOAP response. To get the most out of HTTP compression, this Servlet filter also decompresses the request.

SOAP Compression for Apache Axis

Apache Axis can be extended with our free SOAP compression transport sender which supports compression and decompression of SOAP messages. The extension can be installed without recompiling or modifying Axis itself.

The tutorial SOAP compression with Apache Axis describes how to use the compression sender with the 2Way HTTP compression Servlet filter to form a complete configuration.